Mika Salo becomes VIVA Brand Ambassador

Mika Salo has joined the Viva team as an investor and will work as the company’s Brand Ambassador from now on. After his Formula 1 career, Salo has been an active test pilot for various electric vehicles.

“Mika has a broad understanding of technical solutions and of course he possesses an extensive network of contacts around the world. This will help us in gain experienced point of views in product development and surely visibility. It’s wonderful that Mika joined the team and it demonstrates how our personal watercraft puts a smile on everyone’s face – even someone like Mika Salo”, says Viva’s export Director, Altti Näsi

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Sales contact
Max Malmström
+358 400 149 209
Investor contact: 
Timo Kronqvist
+358 44 597 0609